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MelBlast™ Plastic Abrasive Media

Fast stripping and deflashing with reduced substrate abrasion.

MelBlast™ is a plastic abrasive blasting media designed for fast stripping and deflashing. It offers multiple reusability. The inherent nature of the plastic produces far less dust than walnut shells or glass bead allowing for a clean, easily visible work atmosphere. This product is great for sensitive surfaces and will prolong the life of expensive molds, tools, and parts. Additional applications include deburring and deflashing of aluminum, zinc, and magnesium parts without damaging part surfaces or altering critical tolerances. This product can also be used for wet deflashing of resistors, transistors, diodes, and integrated circuits.

MELBLAST™ is non-toxic and eliminates silicosis workplace exposure. It can be used in air and wheel-blast equipment without the need to purchase new equipment. This product conforms to MIL-P-8589 (A), Rolls Royce CSS200/227 and is sourced and produced in the USA.

Benefits to using our MelBlast product includes:

• Non-toxic, no dust, and silica free

• Out performs walnut shells and glass bead

• Does not warp or abrade sensitive surfaces

Product applications include:

• Depainting aircraft components, brakes, wheels, landing gear, engines, etc

• Cleaning aluminum and steel molds in the rubber and plastics industry.

• Stripping powder coated parts.

• Depainting automobile bodies, boat surfaces and vacuum-metallized parts

• Deburring machined parts.

• Deflashing electronic components and plastic molded pieces.

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