Introducing XTRM PLY® as our
newest innovative brand of products.

Ronald Mark Associates has been a manufacturer of industrial textiles for over 45 years. These product lines are all best in class in both quality and innovation. RMA is leveraging our knowledge and material expertise and taking it direct to the marketplace. We are  introducing a line of products for Maintenance Repair and overhaul marketplace. Our line of safety and packaging products are made with some of the most robust constructions and polymers. Our Treadway’s deep herringbone pattern makes ideal for areas that need great grip without the coarseness of sandpaper. Our Racktape is a virtually indestructible tape that can be used to protect easily scratched surfaces. Our Plastic Media is one of the original blasting media, and we now making it available direct from our plant.

To purchase any of our products, visit our online shop or contact us directly for more information.

"I work for a window and door manufacturing company that stores aluminum, wood and vinyl on finger racks. It was very difficult to prevent our material from not getting scratched. We tried coating our rack arms with all types of material—it wore off within six months of install and required 24 hours of drying time before we could load the racks. Finally the people at EPT offered us a vinyl tape that resolved our issues. It is very durable, and handles more abuse then anything we have tried before on our racks. And, it only takes minutes to install instead of the 24-hour drying time that we used to deal with. This has been such a success that we are looking at using the tape in other areas of our shop. Thank you EPT for resolving our issue so easily and quickly."

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