RMA is at the forefront of innovation, and our XTRM PLY® products are revolutionizing the industry.

Ronald Mark Associates has been a manufacturer of industrial textiles for over 45 years. Our product lines are best-in-class in both quality and innovation. RMA is now leveraging our knowledge and material expertise and taking it direct to the marketplace. We are introducing a new line of products for the Maintenance Repair and Overhaul industry called XTRM PLY®. All of our new products are part of RMA’s new Innovation brand. They are cutting-edge and ready for the marketplace.

Our new line of safety and packaging products is made with some of the most robust construction and polymers the industry has to offer. RMA’s Treadway product features a deep herringbone pattern, which makes it ideal for areas that need traction and grip without the coarseness of sandpaper. Our XTRM PLY® Rack Tape product is virtually indestructible and can be used to protect easily scratched surfaces. Our line of Plastic Blast Media is one of our original blasting products, and we now making it available direct from our plant.

RMA would also like to introduce our newest product line, XTRM Ply® SoundSafe HOME Acoustic Wall Covering™. This revolutionary new product is now available for purchase at Home Depot and Lowes. XTRM PLY® SoundSafe HOME Acoustic Wall Covering™ is a reinforced Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) that is ecofriendly and made entirely from post-industrial material generated in our plant in Hillside NJ. What used to go to a landfill is now being turned into durable long-lasting material used to reduce. XTRM PLY® SoundSafe HOME Acoustic Wall Covering™ can be easily installed in your home and reduces noise transmission room to room or from outside sources. If you have noisy neighbors, this is the product for you.

RMA also remains on the forefront of roofing innovation by evolutionizing the way RV manufacturers think about their roofing solutions. XTRM PLY® RV Roofing is the most reflective membrane in the RV market keeping people living the RV lifestyle – cooler during hot summer days. We were the first to produce a PVC roofing material specifically designed for Recreational Vehicles. It has the highest tear and puncture resistant material in the market. RMA XTRM PLY® RV Roofing is maintenance-free and is the highest quality product in this market segment. If you are interested in learning more about this innovative product or to purchase, you can visit LaSalle Bristol, our exclusive distributor.

RMA is continuously looking to improve our product line with new and innovative concepts and ideas. Check back often to see what we come up with to solve your industry needs.

Call us today at 908-558-0011 for more information on our XTRM Ply® products.

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