XTRM Ply® SoundSafe HOME™ kits are designed to reduce noise and sound transmissions, while improving any indoor environment. Our wall coverings are easy to install, similar to wallpaper. Each XTRM Ply® SoundSafe HOME Acoustic Wall Covering™ kit includes (1) roll of 2’ x 8’ (16 sq. ft.) OR (1) roll of 2’ x 10’ (20 sq. ft.) of SoundSafe HOME Acoustic Wall Covering™, (1) 30’ roll of double-sided SoundSafe HOME™ Acoustic Tape, (1) 6” x 12” piece of SoundSafe HOME™ Acoustic Putty, and an easy to follow installation guide with step-by-step instructions for application over existing walls. NOTE: Each kit covers a 2 ft. width of wall. To cover a full wall, you will to calculate the total number of kits needed. For example, if you have a 10’ x 10’ wide wall, you will need (5) 2’ x 10’ kits to cover that one wall.

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