Rack Tape

Our Industrial Rack Tape was developed to reduce the amount of one-use plastics and packaging, and to provide protection against product damage. When WIP is being protected by cardboard and stretch wrap, large amounts of waste are created– our Industrial Rack Tape is a durable solution for limiting that excess waste.

Our Industrial Rack Tape can be used in place of cardboard, and has the ability for extended use, eliminating excess cardboard and energy. XTRM PLY rack tape is made of durable TPU materials and reinforcement for puncture resistance and strength. Our Rack Tape is designed to be abrasion-resistant and allow easy-slip with its low coefficient of friction. When harder surfaces rub up against each other the softer material will scratch. XTRM PLY Rack Tape  is strong and hard enough to allow slip, yet soft enough not to damage.

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