SoundSafe HOME™ Putty

XTRM Ply® SoundSafe HOME Acoustic Putty Pads™ are designed to use in conjunction with the XTRM Ply® SoundSafe HOME Acoustic Wall Covering™ kits or as a stand-alone product for use around electrical boxes. Our Putty Pads reduce noise transmission around electrical boxes if there is a gap or if they are not properly secured into the wall. Because soundwaves can penetrate the boxes and compromise the soundproof properties of the wall, our putty can be molded around the boxes themselves to ensure your wall maintains its proper STC performance. Our Putty Pads are made to peel and stick. Simply peel the paper off the pads and attach around the outlet. Cut where necessary to allow for wire connections.

• Dimensions are 6”x12”x1/8”
• Easily apply by hand
• Reduces noise between rooms
• Odorless
• Easy installation application

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