SoundSafe HOME™ Roll

XTRM Ply® SoundSafe HOME Acoustic Wall Covering™ is designed to reduce noise and sound transmissions, while improving any indoor environment. Our wall coverings are easy to install, similar to wallpaper. Our SoundSafe HOME Acoustic Wall Covering™ is a smooth, high-density, flexible, mass-loaded vinyl (MLV) that can be trimmed and adhered to existing walls using industrial double-sided tape. Our wall covering is used to reduce noise transmission not only walls, but also floors and ceilings, as well as machinery enclosures, duct work and as a wrap. You can also easily paint our wall covering to add color to any room. Rolls come in two sizes: 2’ x 8’ and 2’ x 10’. Please select the size option for purchase below.

• Applies like wallpaper
• Reduces noise between rooms
• High quality, smooth surface perfect for painting
• Perfect for condos, apartments, classrooms, medical facilities & more
• Easy installation application with industrial double stick tape

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