Our innovative Treadway™ Traction and Grip products provide  skid-resistant protection for all of your application needs.

Great for warehouses and workspaces where there is a constant flow of product movement and foot traffic, Treadway™ Traction and Grip allows for consistent traction and grip in both wet and dry applications and environments.

Rugged, heavy duty construction made of soft polymer with a special embossed design, Treadway™
provides as a skid-resistant surface keeping hard, heavy items from slipping and sliding during transport, as well as a non-slip surface providing employee protection in the workplace.

This unique traction and grip product is available in both rolls and peel-n-stick traction pads, thus providing for many versatile uses. It can be easily cut to size and is available with self-adhesive backing. SuperSoft Treadway™ is also available for when a softer tactile rubbery grip is necessary.

Treadway™ Traction and Grip’s low-profile treads do not disrupt water run-off and can be used on almost any surface where traction is needed, while the flexible material is also comfortable for bare feet and light
show traffic in such spaces as pool areas, outside showers and boat decks.

Easy to clean and maintain, our customers utilize Treadway™ Traction and Grip to ensure safety on a wide
variety of surfaces, including: Work ladders, platforms, steps, concrete floors, polymer-based surfaces, ramps, walkways, construction areas, RVs, cargo ramps, and office environments.


• Special embossed design for non-slip surfaces

• Rugged, heavy duty construction

• Perfect for construction areas, stairs, RV’s and cargo ramps

• Easily cut to size or Peel-n-Stick pads for easy application

• Available with self-adhesive backing

• Easy to clean and maintain

Treadway™ Traction and Grip is made in two version SuperSoft and Standard. SuperSoft is great for when you want a soft tactile rubbery grip.

Physical Properties

• Substrate thickness is 120 mils (nominal)

• Breaking Strength is 200 lbs. x 200 lbs.

• Tear Strength is 45 lbs. x 45 lbs.

• Puncture Resistant to 96 lbs.

• DCOF-WEC: 0.90

• Available in White Sand, Black or Safety Yellow

• Some Items Available in Peel & Stick Versions

• Super Soft Treadway Shore A 45

• Standard Treadway Shore A 83

Case Study: KINON

KINON has a sanding and polishing shop that uses our Soft Treadway Traction and Grip near their sanding and polishing machines. The floors near their equipment are made of polished concrete, and would get slick from polish and sanding dust. Grit paper on the floor has never been aggressive enough and would wear out within weeks. Treadway Traction and Grip lasted six months, while grit tape lasted less than a week. Our product also offered superior slip resistance in these areas where traditional methods would never work.

For more information on Treadway™ Traction & Grip products and their use, email us at info@epttech.com or click here to submit our contact form, or you can purchase right from our online store today.

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